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Behind the Scenes of Würth Swimsuit Calendar 2018 Video of Würth Swimsuit Calendar 2018:


Photographer: Stephan Würth.

Models:  Alyssa Miller, Daniela Lopez Osorio, and Hannah Ferguson. 

Video, Editing, & Music:  Photos by Nikos.

Location: Bahamas




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Miami Beach Sea Creatures  

Miami Beach Sea Creatures



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Window Seat  

Window Seat



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The Smiling Dog  


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Miami Beach Memorial Day Weekend 2016  


Memorial Day Weekend Street Photography Miami Beach 2016



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Stilts Samba Stilt Walker Entertainment


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Soraya Stilt Walker Entertainment Keep Stilt Walking!





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Ιωαννης του Νικολαου και Γεωργιου το 1947


1947 Ιωαννης Ν και Γ

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Ano Chora Family Photos from 1922 - 1950  

Great things are done when men and mountains meet. - William Blake




Sboukis Family, Ano Chora ≈1936


Basiliki, Ioannis, Katerini; around 1934

















]]> (Photos by Nikos) Ano Chora Sboukis Άνω Χώρα Σμπούκης Tue, 02 Jun 2015 16:51:03 GMT
Shark Valley The good man is the friend of all living things. - Mahatma Gandhi
























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Foot Prints  

It isn't the mountain ahead that wears you out; it's the grain of sand in your shoe.  - Robert W. Service




Miami BeachMiami Beach




Miami BeachMiami Beach




Miami BeachMiami Beach




Miami BeachMiami Beach




Miami BeachMiami Beach




Miami BeachMiami Beach




Miami BeachMiami Beach



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Photography Documentaries A Playlist of Documentaries and Talks about Photographers:





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Lunar Eclipse Blood Moon


Blood Moon 4-15-2014

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Renaissance Festival The Show Must Go On



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Coconut Grove Walk Shooting in the Streets


Coconut GroveCoconut GroveVitrines


Coconut GroveCoconut GroveBikes Project


Coconut GroveCoconut GroveFoot Prints Project

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Ano Chora Stairs July 2013  

What Goes Down Must Come Up!



Ano Chora



Άνω Χώρα



Άνω Χώρα



Άνω Χώρα

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Cat Chameleon She Comes and Goes 


Άνω Χώρα

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Pregnant It is said the Present is Pregnant with the Future.  - Voltaire





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Beach Cat South Pointe Cat


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