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This is a work in progress, self portrait project, about self exploration, change, and perception. I have been questioning my life, my happiness, and my ability to improve my life. I decided to take self portraits representing iconic popular images. I’m transforming myself into an iconic image and not transforming myself into the person in the image, but what they represent. I am not becoming Che Guevara, but, I want to incite my own internal revolution. This physical transformation is just a beginning and a way to perceive myself differently and to break free from my own negative dispositions. Delving deeper into the iconic images, I realized that the most famous iconic images represent characters with extreme behavior, that have been romanticized. The purpose of the anagrams is to bring this to the attention of the viewer and make them think as they try to solve it and ask further questions about what these iconic popular images represent. Why do certain images become iconic? What power do they hold? What do they say about us?
Iconic ImageIconic ImageIconic ImageIconic ImageIconic ImageIconic ImageIconic Image